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London X is a genuine home for independent, alternative and free-thinking journalism. All article submissions are subject to review by a sub-editor before publication and must adhere to our publisher guidelines.To avoid wasting everyone’s time, please read them before submitting any copy. Articles may appear online, in print or both. We generally pay no more than £50 for an article (with some exceptions) and genuinely intend to increase this figure in line with growth.

Once you’ve had an article published you can have an Author Profile which will be seen by anyone reading the article. We will contact you and explain how to set this up.

Tips for getting published – articles must have an interesting or new angle, opinion or theory and preferably accompanied by good (publishable) photos. Boring, cliched or tired won’t make it. Oh and a sense of humour helps too.

Email summary pitches to [email protected] or use the form below.