Danny Dyer – my daughter Dani’s fame has made me more popular, but I didn’t want her to do Love Island!

The EastEnders hardman X-clusively reveals that he cried watching his daughter on the ITV reality show



Danny Dyer has opened up about the experience of watching his daughter become a household name. During and joint-interview with Dani, held at the Rio cinema on Tuesday night in London, he revealed that he initially thought it was a disastrous idea.

The actor, 41, said: “She’s a really talentless actress and I just felt that doing Love Island would be a nightmare for her. I just thought that she was going to lose a bit of respect. I didn’t understand it.

“I didn’t know what Love Island was.  I knew there would be sex involved.  Who wants to see their daughter having sex?!”

He added: “Of course, she wasn’t gonna do it because she’s a classy young lady.”



After finding out the 23-year-old was becoming a Love Islander only weeks before she flew off to Spain, Danny – who plays Mick Carter in Albert Square – admitted that he broke down in tears watching her on TV, worrying his haters would attack Dani too.

“I cried a lot,” he said. “I’m a very sensitive soul and I was watching her and thinking she’s such a beautiful human being actually.

“I’ve got a lot of people that hate my guts and I thought those people would hate her because of me.   But I think people really liked that she was the real thing.”



With a laugh, he added: “Although I don’t think we saw enough of her strops on Love Island. She’s very good at containing that. She’s a stress head.”

Danny revealed that he got very frustrated watching the show being edited. “I was more upset because of how they manipulated things, and we had no contact with her. It wasn’t like we could make a call. It was more her mother, to be honest. She was fuming.”



Despite Dani’s success, going on to win the show last year with boyfriend Jack Fincham, Danny also admits that he didn’t wish fame for her. He said: “You don’t want to pressurise your kids. Fame is quite intoxicating. It’s alright when you become famous, but it actually does drive you insane.

“I tried to keep my children away from it as much as possible.  They saw their Dad going off his head enough.

“I suppose, that’s why people like her because she’s quite normal. Even though she’s really famous now. She’s just always been naturally gifted – I didn’t think it would be the Love Island route, that’s all I’m saying…”



However, Danny believes that Dani’s success has led to a career boost for him too, and is the reason he won the Best Serial Drama Performance at the National Television Awards earlier this year.

“My career has gone insane because of her,” he gushed. “I definitely think I won that award because she won Love Island. People have a lot of love for me all of a sudden. I’ve had a good run since she’s left Love Island. It’s been amazing. She’s really done wonders for me, my kid.”