Who’s in the running?


It looks like the Marvel Universe is becoming more and more inclusive by the minute, and with increasingly super results. Last year Black Panther became one of the biggest movie smashes of all time, after finally giving the world a leading black superhero in its dominant franchise, and this month Captain Marvel has equally proved that a female superhero – courtesy of the fabulous Brie Larson – can pack just as much of a punch at the box office as the blokes.

Next up, it would seem, gay superhero fans are going to get their ‘Black Panther’ moment from Marvel. At the Captain Marvel premiere, production chief Victoria Alonso said of a gay superhero taking centre stage of one of their blockbusters: “The world is ready.” Indeed.

It is currently believed that their upcoming movie The Eternals – not about Louise Redknapp’s old band, but on ‘ancient alien defenders of the earth,’ so similar – are searching for a gay male lead, but with Marvel surprising us left, right and centre – who knows where they’ll go next.

Of course, Marvel’s addition wouldn’t be the first gay superhero ever, and  would come hot on the heels of Orange is the New Black beauty Ruby Rose being announced to play a gay Batwoman in the new TV series. It will also follow Russell Tovey, set to play The Ray, as well as Legend Of Tomorrow’s Sara Lance, The Flash’s Central City PD Captain David Singh and Supergirl’s Alex Danvers in the line-up of gay superheroes showing off their powers.


Not to mention the comic books which act as source material, which have always been more open-minded with the sexuality of their stars, with iconic characters such as Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy and Wolverine all experimenting over the years (surely no one wants Wolverine’s claws all over them, though?)

But as of yet, none of these characters have dabbled on the big screen. And certainly not through Marvel, the movie industry’s most bankable and impenetrable franchise right now.

With this in mind, we decided to take a look at which actors would be the perfect choice to take on Marvel’s first gay superhero. And, yes, we kept it strictly to LGBT contenders, especially following the backlash regarding Jack Whitehall playing Disney’s first gay character in the upcoming Jungle Cruise film.

So, let us know what you think of our selections!



Ellen Page



Not to be confused with Elaine Page – of course – because hoping to see the 71-year-old musical theatre legend as a lesbian superhero might sound fun, but it’s probably unlikely. But Ellen Page – you know… Juno – would be perfect. Firstly, the Canadian actress is no stranger to superhero movies, having portrayed Kitty Pryde (yes, Pride…) in the X-Men films, superhero black comedy Super, and more recently playing Vanya in the Netflix superhero-with-a-difference series The Umbrella Academy. And, of course, since coming out in 2014, she has been a proud advocate for LGBT rights. Juno anyone who’d be better? We don’t.


Superhero we see her playing:

A straight-up genius, with endless inventions and contraptions, ala Batman. She’s sarcastic and doesn’t suffer fools. No skimpy outfits and no suits with nipples (again, looking at you Batman…)


Keiynan Lonsdale



The hunky star of Love, Simon recently spoke out about the lack of LGBT diversity in superhero films, but is confident it will could, in time, saying he wants to see “queer superheroes and queer superheroes of colour,” which he believes will unlock “an incredible array of stories.” So surely the actor – who came out in 2017 – and currently has a boyfriend Zak Frio – would be the perfect choice to take the lead? He thinks so too! Plus, like Ellen, he has the chops – having appeared in DC TV series Legends of Tomorrow, where he impressed. Bizarrely, he also recently admitted his preferred pronoun is ‘tree,’ so he’d certainly bring a level of quirkiness to our first Marvel super-queer-o. (Not sure that one will catch on…) And a win for the LGB-Tree community, surely?


Superhero we see him playing:

Tree-man. A hero who branches out into the universe, but sticks to his roots. Let’s just hope the acting isn’t too wooden.



Tom Daley

OK, we needed to put forward a British contender, didn’t we? And seeing as Russell Tovey is already playing The Ray, we’re going to choose a wildcard, and take a punt on Tom Daley. Sure, he’s not really an actor, but when did that ever stop other sports stars? (See: Vinnie Jones, Jason Statham and John Cena…) And Tom certainly looks the part, with his boy next door good looks, and abs for days, honey. And he has that all important Hollywood connection; his husband, Dustin Lance-Black, is a real-life Oscar winner, after collecting Nest Original Screenplay for 2008’s drama Milk.


Superhero we see him playing:

The Splash. A man who can breathe underwater – screw you Aquaman! – but can also do it in the tightest budgie smuggler’s in the universe – and beyond.


Luke Evans

Since Marvel announced their intentions for a gay superhero, Luke’s name has been cropping up everywhere, unsurprisingly. And let’s face it, there are a lot of the reasons he’s viewed as an obvious choice. For one, that face. That devilishly handsome face is just crying out to be plastered over a superhero poster, isn’t it? On top of the fact that he’s also one of the most prominent gay actors in Hollywood. The stars are certainly aligning for the Beauty and the Beast star, who has also appeared in Wonder Woman as American psychologist William Moulton Marston. Might it be his turn to wear a tight-fitting costume next? Don’t count him out.


Superhero we see him playing:

The Hunk. Rather than The Hulk, our gay superhero doesn’t use his rage, he uses his out-of-this-world sexiness. And you would like him when he’s angry. Brooding…



Lady Gaga

Now, wouldn’t this be amazing? Fresh from her triumphant leading role in A Star is Born, Mother Monster should now be able to take her pick of offers in Hollywood. And, as one of the most prominent allies for the LGBT community of the last decade, not to mention a part of that community herself, despite many doubting the authenticity of her sexualtiy, but hey ho, can you imagine if she used her Hollywood power to become Marvel’s first openly gay Avenger? We can think of a million reasons this would be an epic choice, and if no one’s thought of it yet, well, they must be Gaga.


Superhero we see her playing:

Couldn’t she basically just play herself? To many of us, Lady Gaga already is a superhero anyway! Plus as she proved in A Star is Born, she has a knack for basically playing herself on the big screen, right?



Daniel Newman

Ambitious Daniel is already putting himself forward for this ground-breaking honour, and has been busily retweeting fans that have suggested him. And plenty of them are – with good reason. The handsome actor, 37, came out as bisexual in 2017, and has appeared in The Dark Knight Rises (playing Bane’s thug,) and has of course starred in The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries. Plus, gay representation aside, there also aren’t nearly enough ginger superheroes around. No harm in ticking more than one diversity box, eh?


Superhero we see him playing:

The Ginger Lantern. A hot-headed, fiery character who wants to see his enemies burn. But needs to do it with Factor 30 sunscreen, naturally.