The Sinner was at the Grand Expedition last Wednesday and had a fantastic and unique time. He advises you get yourself down there ASAP. Tickets have sold out in double-quick time but they will be releasing more. See below for more details.

But first a description…

In a nutshell “The Grand Expedition by Gingerline will take budding aeronauts on a journey, beyond the clouds and back, for five fantastical courses, at a top-secret, long forgotten location, somewhere on the Victoria Line”

The full performance has dance, poetry, projections and stunning animations. It’s really beautiful. And of course diners also get a full five course meal which is delicious 🙂

Gingerline are best known for pushing the humble dinner party to its limits and well into the realms of surrealism. Their ambitious supper club format grew into Chambers of Flavour which has earned a raft of glowing plaudits from the likes of Vogue, calling it “the hottest ticket in town”.


Without giving away too much away, The Grand Expedition is their most ambitious project to date and you are invited to join with a guest, if you feel this something you can cover. Part dance spectacle, part multimedia simulation, part supper club, its billed as a floating, feeding dream, featuring five interactive courses paired with eccentric performance and storytelling.

If you look online at the moment, the first batch of tickets have sold out, but they are releasing more on 4th  February (this will be the April/May tickets) and then 5th March (for the May/June tickets).