Fondue? Fon-don’t…

Apologies for the cheesy title… But you might be forgiven for getting excited when hearing that Tibits are launching their new Veggie & Vegan Fondue because, well – who doesn’t love melted cheese, right?

And to add to the excitement, Mayfair’s vegetarian restaurant are bigging up the fact that their seasonal dish will be served on the fabulously christened Christmas Alpine Terrace, presenting what appears to be the perfect ingredients for a cosy Christmas evening.

Unfortunately, upon arrival, it soon becomes clear that ‘Christmas Alpine Terrace’ – which is open until the end of Feb, if you’re interested – is a very elaborate way of saying: ‘tables at the front of the restaurant.’ Which, in December, isn’t as appealing as the glitzy terrace one might have had in mind. Our waiter told us their ‘famous fondue’ had to be eaten outside because of how strongly it smelt, despite us practically begging – pretty please! – to have it in doors instead, since the ‘magical’ terrace had been somewhat exaggerated. Still, in the name of journalism, I accepted the blankets provided, and got as close to the heaters  (which were decent, I suppose… I mean, I’m trying to be positive here) as possible, and hoped that this much-hyped fondue would make up for the venue’s other failings. Sadly, it did not.

The fondue did indeed smell very bad, as promised, but the taste was just OK, and certainly nothing to write home about. And dipping boiled potatoes and broccoli that looks like it would be served up for a Christmas school dinner into the cheese didn’t make it any more thrilling, I’m afraid to report.


The hot drinks – Hot Buttered Rum – were admittedly delicious, and welcome in the biting chill, when the waiting staff managed to serve them correctly, that is (second time’s a charm…) but were also, frankly, over-priced. In fact, for what it is, everything on the menu was rather over-priced, in reality, even for Mayfair. Not something I’d recommend, I’m afraid. If you want nice vegetarian food, go to Mildred’s instead.