London’s cannabidoil industry is booming. Here’s why…


How do you take your coffee? Almond milk or a splash of cannabidoil (CBD)? It may not be long before London’s independent coffee shops are offering customers the legal cannabis compound along with nut milks and avocado on toast. Further afield, the first CBD restaurant is set to open in Brighton soon.


Thanks to A-list fans in the States, the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) is rocketing. Jennifer Anniston says it helps with ‘stress and anxiety’, while Michael J Fox champions its anti-inflammatory benefits.


But what exactly is Cannabidoil? Well, one of 104 chemicals found in the marijuana plant. But unlike cannabis oil, CBD doesn’t contain THC – the psychoactive component – and therefore won’t give you a high.


It can be consumed in liquid form – Coca-Cola is toying with the idea of making a CBD drink – or in a vape pen. It’s set to become legal in all US states, where coffee shops already offer artisinal hemp-based soda. Here in the UK, medical cannabis products recently became available on prescription.

Cannabis Cold Brew


But it’s by no means a free-for-all. They’ll be prescribed by specialist doctors, and only in cases where other medicines have failed (such as rare forms of epilepsy). The good news, though, is that CBD is now classified as a medicine, meaning manufacturers adhere to strict quality standards.


If you want to buy CBD online, that’s fine and dandy – provided the oil doesn’t contain more than 0.2% THC. In fact, Britain is now the world’s largest producer of legal cannabis, with Holland & Barrett doing a roaring trade in CBD products.


That said, if you want the creme de la creme, head to a specialist. Hemp Botanics provide customers with ethically-sourced hemp and all products are tested by a third party. Meanwhile, Provocan, voted “Best CBD Oil of 2018”, uses cutting-edge extraction technology, allowing the firm to produce a winning formula that’s loved by CBD aficionados.


With more us suffering from anxiety and depression, could CBD be the answer? Who knows –but it sure beats yoga.