London X lifts the velvet rope and ushers you into the VIP room that is elite dating apps…



The League

Fed up with people using LinkedIn as a dating site? The good news is that The League syncs with LinkedIn profiles allowing movers and shakers who are DTF the chance to hook up with career oriented, time-poor types. On the face of it, The League sounds a bit like the digital equivalent of scheduling a quickie in the office’s long term storage facility, but it’s a bit more sophisticated than that. As The League’s CEO points out, “Maybe you didn’t go to Oxford, but you started a non-profit to help underprivileged children in Africa and you’ve run that company from the ground up.” The waiting list is supposedly 100,000 people long but if you have an impressive job title, you’ve got a reasonable chance of making the cut.




If Raya has already piqued your curiosity, you’ve probably already applied and been put on the “waiting list”. If so, don’t hold your breath – it’s Raya’s way of saying, ‘Dream on, pal.’ The most exclusive of London’s elite dating apps, Raya, which means ‘Heaven’ in Bulgarian, is the real deal. Model Cara Delevingne, DJ Diplo, actress Sharon Stone and Matthew Perry of Friends fame have been spied on the app. Each application is vetted by a secretive jury – nicknamed the ‘Tinder Illuminati’ – who will pick through your Instagram account to assertion whether you’re wealthy and connected… or a just another £30k millionaire.



There’s something a bit sketchy about Luxy’s CEO choosing to remain anonymous. But the mysterious “Tim T” says it’s because of Luxy’s potentially controversial nature. Is it a PR stunt? To be fair, over half the people on Luxy earn over £400,000 a year, and the super-rich are all about privacy. Each application is voted on by a committee, but if you don’t fancy being ripped apart by strangers, you can fast-track your profile by joining Luxy Black for $99 a month. Not only will you avoid the vetting, you’ll get a black VIP profile – bit like a Twitter blue tick – to prove that you’re not a potless wannabe. Although, let’s be honest, it doesn’t really prove anything, other than the fact that you’re willing to gamble your monthly Tesco budget in the hope of hooking up with an oligarch (or his lonely wife).