Secret Cinema’s latest immersive film experience will be a recreation of the world set in Ridley Scott’s iconic neo-noir science fiction film Blade Runner:  The Final Cut.  In a secret London location from March through to July 2018, audiences will have the opportunity to journey to the captivating future world of seedy down town LA.


Like characters from the film, audiences will be challenged to discover themselves against a looming back drop of a broken society, and forced to confront their empathy and sense of humanity.  Spectators will be given a special identity for the night – from carnivalesque street cyber-punks to geneticists, blade runners, bounty hunters and replicants.  They will feel the oppressiveness of the Tyrrell Corporation, experience a bustling downtown LA, where toxic rain falls and nothing grows but neon lights shine, and where curious Eastern market stalls sell to radically dressed humans and replicants.



Set to a back drop of Vangelis’ legendary synth heavy original soundtrack, the pulsating music will continue to play a key role in Blade Runner.  Music will rise from real world sounds and the chaos of urban decay. Rhythms will evolve from the sound of the eternal rain and android funk will emanate from the machine buzz of the testing labs. Taffeys will pulsate to the beat of rekindled humanity. Secret music sets and secret guest DJ’s will surprise and rouse the audience. 


We always wanted to revisit Blade Runner after a sell-out run in 2010 and now after 10 years of experiences, we are able to recreate the world on the grand scale it deserves.  The entire world will become our audiences stage.  And with new audiences introduced to it through the recent sequel, Blade Runner 2049, it seemed the perfect time to bring back Secret Cinema Presents Blade Runner: The Final Cut.”


Run dates

 Until July 8



 Tickets start from £45.