Meet Chris Reynolds Gordon. The rich city boy who lost his fortune in property deals and now earns millions hosting the world’s most exclusive sex parties. London X investigates.

X: What’s the general vibe of the parties? In other words, how do guys approach women at the parties?

CRG: Basically most of our parties are couple or single girls only. You don’t have to be a couple, you could be “friends with benefits” or what have you; and that’s really good because girls are in the majority and girls open play with girls. A lot of the girls are often bisexual.

X: How do men and women behave differently at the parties?

CRG: Their attitudes are really the same. They both seem to love it. They both pay to come and they both come back!

X: How does London compare to other big cities in terms of these kinds of parties?

CRG: In France, there is less chat, people just kind of “get to it”. We did parties in New York too -they were much the same as the UK really. New Yorkers were perhaps a bit more liberal, they kind of got with everyone. So I’d say the UK was slightly more reserved than other cities, which sort of surprises me… And Germans are ‘straight in there’.

X: What makes you different from other organizers who claim to other the same service?

CRG: Quality. For me, quality is essential, and there are a lot of people cashing in on the concept, getting as many people in to a venue as possible. They claim to be for the “elite only” and don’t get me wrong, sometimes they do get really hot people, but that’s only going to be sustainable for so long. That’s why we have 4 different tiers to our parties:

1. HEAVEN CIRCUS – which is a big festival of craziness. We have Bouncy Castles, Breakdancers, BMX Stunt riders. It’s for everyone.

2. HEAVEN SX – which is a very exclusive brand. Tickets are £100-£150 We hold it in this stunning apartment in Mayfair. Black tie dress

3. HEAVEN SOIREE – where you have to wear red cloaks. In this one we select you – super Elite

4. HEAVEN ELYSIUM – where we fly the hottest people from each country to one place- to have the Ultimate Olympics as it were! All completely Free!

X: What is most important ingredient in a good sex party?

CRG: The answer is it all comes down to the people. We had our first ever Heaven Soiree and we had someone who had been on the front cover of Vogue, a Grammy award winner, an Oscar nominee, countless models and no one actually started playing until about 1:30am. Because the problem with that was, that they were all so hot, that they were too used to other people making the first move with them! No-one was making the first move. Then again we’ve had other times, for example the first Heaven Circus event we did where we had 259 couples, and 87 single girls. At one stage we had 140 people all going at it at one time, which was unbelievable sight!

X: How did you deal with going broke? 

CRG: It proved to me that money does make you happier. I had to just survive… and weirdly enough, the times when I was down, weren’t hard. For example, when I was sleeping on a changing room floor, eating in the reduced price food section in Tescos: none of that bothered me because I found it an adventure. It was exciting. e hard part is the initial shock. I’ve been suicidal at times but you can adapt to anything.

X: Let’s talk about the next party you’ve got coming up. I understand it will be the largest sex party to ever been held? 

CRG: The next party we’re going to aim for 1000-1200 people. Now, our Heaven SX Parties are sex parties, there’s no getting away from that. Amazingly hot people, all Black Tie, amazing dresses, held in incredible mlocations but for this next one, we wanted to hold a party for those that were on the edge; not sure if having sex in front of others was really for them; intrigued but not 100% sure. So we came up with Heaven Circus, held in an amazing South London club venue with one specific area for sex, but also plenty of other areas, for dancing or having fun. We have a dancing area filled with foam,DJ’s flying in from Ibiza, a bouncy castle, BMX stunt riders and break-dancers. So people can enjoy these aspects and not feel like they have to get involved in the sex, just watch and maybe next time they’ll dive in, as it were.

THE HEAVEN CIRCUS event will be on September 11th.

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